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The Pain of Transitioning to Botswana (or, How Many Shots Does it Take to Get to Botswana?)

I have to get medically cleared to move to Botswana.  This is a process I began a few months ago and I have yet to complete.  I received a telephone call warning me that I had until 9 August to complete the process or I would have to begin over again.  Who wants to do that?

So, I reluctantly scheduled and completed a:

  • colonoscopy – which was not as bad as I had anticipated.  The worse part was the preparation process;
  • mammogram – which was more painful than I ever remembered in the past;
  • blood work – I managed not to pass out;and,
  • scheduled chest x-ray – Ha!  I arrive for the x-ray only to discover my primary care physician has not followed the ways acceptable to the radiology clinic.  My primary care physician is out of the country until the end of the month!  Here we go!  I have to get that chest x-ray!;
  • Immunizations – I was able to get tetanus, hepatitis A &B, yellow fever, and the second rabies shot.  Another rabies shot, typhoid, and Hep B next week and I will be all shot out – or is it up!

The pain I am willing to endure to be on my African journey!

Stay tuned…


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