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Moving Day…The Big One…Who Knew?

The packers and movers came today to get our things for transfer to Botswana.

It is official.  I do NOT like moving!

All right, perhaps I do like moving.  But I definitely DO NOT like the preparation for moving. I’ve gotta tell you, having someone else pack my things and “move” them is much more preferable to having to do that myself.  And, after today, no more packing boxes.  From here on in I will only be packing suitcases.  Let me tell you, thinking of packing a suitcase or four is a much more pleasant a thought.

The one thing that I was upset about seeing put into a box and carted away? My iMac desktop computer.  It is FABulous! We have been together two years.

I must have let out an audible sigh thinking about the separation, because the packers (there were three) each stopped what they were doing and looked in my direction.   Even my husband, as stoic as he is most times, was overcome with laughter as I lamented how I had never turned the computer over to anyone before.   I did not mean to actually say that out loud.

It’s true.  I have not been separated from my desktop at any one time for more than a week.  I did not realize how strong a bond I have with my computer.  Sure my family might raise an eyebrow or two at that comment – but they are biased!  Of course it is not a bond with the computer per se, but with the world that the computer allows me be a part of…virtually.

Separation anxiety might have been a lot worse were it not for the nice laptop I will use for the 70-90 days of separation.  I do like my MacBook Air!  But my iMac 27?  That is the computer that began my infatuation with Mac.  I suppose the relatively new adage is true – “Once you go MAC you do not go back!”

Have you found that you are attached to something that surprises you?  What are your moving woes?


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Yes, I Am Moving and I Will NEED Shoes in Botswana

This week we received our itinerary for travel to Botswana.  I was overcome with a feeling of anxiety.  I still have a chest x-ray to receive!  But, I have to admit that I was also excited!  I have reviewed the flight schedule over and over again.  It is evidence that this journey may actually be happening.

We also moved this weekend.  I suppose I should say, we began moving this weekend since we will still be moving come Monday morning.  I am not complaining – I am just stating fact.

Yesterday, while I am pulling two luggage carts fully loaded with contents from our old apartment en route to the new one a lady stops me and asks, “Are you moving?”  Where is Bill Engvall when you need him?  I just wanted to say, “NO, I decided to load up my stuff on these carts and walk around the complex to practice for moving – “Here’s Your Sign.””  Instead I said, “Yes.”


My husband says that he has clothes to give away.  I think – since my clothes take up the whole length of the closet; and my shoes occupy one side, two top shelves, and four side shelves with shoeboxes stacked two high and three deep – he is probably telling me indirectly that I need to purge.  He would be right.  And, I might be willing to part with a few (two small) suits.  It is however, difficult for me to even begin to think about how to part with more than a couple of pairs of shoes.  I think that I should get points for already giving my daughter a pair.

The truth of the matter is that I will have to do more than think about reducing the number of shoes I have, I will have to decide which shoes I can actually do without!  Really?

You know, I tried this strategy of discarding a pair of shoes for each pair I purchased – right after I tried the strategy of not to purchasing any more shoes.  I am ashamed to report that neither strategy has worked.

I have tried to guilt myself into reducing the number of shoes I own.  I have tried to shame myself into not buying new shoes.  I have tried to stay out of the stores where shoes are sold.  Then I found Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Neiman-Marcus, and something called MYHABIT sending me e-mail alerts for shoes on sale!  Stop already!

Something will have to give.  I suppose I will just have to bite the bullet, go cold turkey, just say no, and “Git ‘er done.” What should I do?

These are a few more steps on my African journey. (I know for a fact that I will need shoes in Botswana!)  Stay tuned…


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Getting My Steps In Order

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD and He delights in his way.                                               ~ Psalm 37:23

“The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

This has been a year of constant moving for me, five so far, and counting. Each move means that I am one step further on my African journey towards Botswana.

Move One:  My husband relocated to the States after spending almost three years overseas.  He left Kuwait the end of February.  There was about a month’s period between him arriving in the States and beginning his new job in northern Virginia (NoVA) in March.

Move Two:  Since my husband was working and living overseas; and, I was living in an apartment in Richmond, most of our household effects (HHE) were in storage.  We had to coordinate the pickup from two different locations.  One personal storage unit and the other at another location provided by my husband’s previous employer.  And still there was Richmond….

Move Three:  In March, we packed up my things in Richmond and I made the transition and relocated with him to northern Virginia.  We arrived in NoVA on a Friday with only what could fit into the back of his car and trunk and in the back of my Explorer truck.  He began class the following Monday and I began the arduous task of REALLY moving.  Weight limitations were imposed by his current employer for the professional movers who would move my things.  This created the need for me to move more of my things over the next month from Richmond to NoVA.  By the time I was finished, I was left with aches in places that I had never realized were on the human body.  Nonetheless, I reveled in the thought that I had been successful in accomplishing week-end-trek-moving with assistance from my daughters – and the moving professionals for the really heavy lifting.

Move Four:  I helped our daughter move into her new house.  It is her first home purchase and we are excited for her.  Nothing says that you are all grown up quite like a mortgage.

Move Five: This week we will move into another apartment.  The apartment we currently occupy is to be renovated. We qualify for a two bedroom, but we will be moved into a one-bedroom renovation.  The bad news – besides this additional unplanned move: There is still only one toilet in the renovation!  The good news: The renovated apartment will come with a washer and dryer in the unit.  No more traipsing up and down stairs to find a floor with available washers and dryers (actually there is an elevator – but still).

Move Six:  The BIG move.  We move to Botswana.  We leave early September for 2 years in Botswana. Once we are there, we will not have to move again – well, at least not for two years!

I am enthusiastic and hopefully optimistic about this a-MA-zing adventure GOD is granting me…with all of its steps along the way.

I am SO happy to be “on my African journey”.  Stay tuned…


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My African Journey Begins

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.  Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

I began “on My African Journey” with a thought.  It was the thought of being in Africa for more than a week.  It was my desire to experience Africa, specifically Botswana up close and personally.

After discovering and watching The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency quite by accident on Netflix – I did not have HBO and I had not yet read Alexander McCall Smith’s novels – I dreamed about being in this African nation.  For me this meant perhaps a vacation for a couple of weeks – at best.

I mentioned  – more like declared – my desire to go to Botswana to my daughters who humored their mother’s current infatuation, as only daughters can.

I began checking flights and plotting just how I would be able to finance such a trip with or without a travel buddy.  Over the course of the next few months, reality set in and I accepted that while it was good for me to dream, it was better for me to settle into reality and get about the business of being where I was.  So, Botswana became a pleasant but distant thought.

In a message thread – on facebook – to one of my friends on May 14, 2010, I made the following comments:  “I would love to experience Botswana. Perhaps some day.”

In March 2011 faced with twenty (20) possibilities, my husband received an assignment to Botswana.  I would be moving to Botswana!  My daughter reminded me that a couple of years prior I had said that I wanted to live in Botswana.  She wondered aloud why I was surprised that this assignment had been given to us.

I have learned that GOD seldom yells HIS plans for us but speaks to us in the voice of a loving caring Father.  And, sometimes He speaks to us through people or other methods.  In the Old Testament He spoke through a donkey (Numbers 22:28).  In the New Testament Jesus promised that if His disciples kept silent stones would cry out (Luke 19:40).  I feel that GOD gently planted in my heart what was to come through The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency drama.

Sure, I would have eventually accepted going to Africa and more specifically Botswana, but having been introduced to this unfamiliar country and being open to moving there, I credit to the work  and gentle nudging of a loving GOD, my FATHER who knew “the plans” He had for me before I did.

My daughter was right.  Although I had forgotten – if only temporarily – my desire, GOD had not.  I am sure that there is more to this opportunity than simply my desire.  I am confident that GOD has a bigger plan.  For now I am content to know that HE heard me and answered beyond what I had hoped or imagined…or remembered.

This is the beginning of me – “on my African journey” – stay tuned….

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