Counting Blessings…

11 Oct


“You have to count your blessings wherever you find them.” I have often told people that.  Being in Botswana has made me realize that it is important that I follow my own advice.  From the simple (in the scheme of things) absence of internet service installation that was paid for over two weeks with nary a conversation initiated by Botsnet, to the “premium” ninety channels of satellite television that presents only 6 channels, to a housekeeper who was telling me when she would and would not do the ironing.  I have found solace in winning straight games of solitaire (you know the card game you played alone before you gave up cards as an evil of the devil- I have yet to understand why it is evil, so I have not given it up), and scoring 197,000 in JewelCraft.  Yes these are the little things that have come to make a big difference at this point in my life.


Highest Score 197200

I believe GOD used these simple games as a way of encouraging me and helping me to not become too upset about the little things that were not going right.  I imagine if you think about it, you too will find ways in which you are encouraged at points when it seems that nothing is going right.  It may be the kind words of a stranger or the genuine honest laughter of a child. It might be a telephone call from a friend, or it may be a verse of scripture that speaks directly to your very soul in that moment as you recall it.


For me, as I wrote this, it was having straight wins in solitaire after having countless losses.  It was achieving a higher score in JewelCraft than I had achieved before that caused me to reflect on all of the blessings in my life that are such an abundant overshadow of the minor annoyances that I spoke of earlier.  It sounds silly even to me.  But, I know that GOD used these silly games to show me how pitiful I was being in bemoaning Botsnet and to a lesser degree the satellite company.  I further realized that if I spent time and energy on things over which I have NO control, I am wasting time and energy that I could give to a more productive pursuit.  So I thanked GOD for my iPhone 4 which has become little more than an app and music device since it is not useful as a cell phone in this country… no really I thank God for it because it is on the iPhone that I am able to play those “silly” games while listening to Smokie Norful, Brooklyn Tab, or Keiko Matsui, listen to books being read to me through Audiobooks and view pictures from past events, or just look through my windows.

I also thank GOD for this experience He is granting me.  And, I promise, I will continue to count my blessings…wherever I find them.

Flowers on my Trees


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3 responses to “Counting Blessings…

  1. Lynne Flanary

    October 11, 2011 at 2:32 PM

    In my opinion…and experience…the most ‘taken for granted’ blessing is our health. If you(and I ) awoke this morning at home(not in a hospital), in our own bed, got up on our own strength…without pain or suffering, then we are blessed. We all take good health for granted. As one who has watched loved ones suffer, it is one of the biggest blessing that God grants us, let us not waste it…be ungrateful or presumtuous that it will always be there. Praying for your continued good health so you can fully enjoy your African adventure!

    • onmyafricanjourney

      October 12, 2011 at 5:04 AM

      Thank-you for your prayers Lynne. I know that they “availeth much.” You are SO right on point. Good health is often not fully appreciated until it is gone. And for those of us who are still blessed with good health the question becomes synonymous with the question of our life, “How are we going to use it?” Do we use it to glorify or vilify; do we rush to do good or hasten to evil? Do we live as a praise offering or an offering of shame? Do we worship and serve the Creator or bow before HIS creation? As for me, I choose to endeavor to Serve the CREATOR.

  2. Sundra Hominik

    October 16, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    We should all pause to appreciate the little things in life and the things we often take for granted. Through the past nine months of enormous change in my life, I often have been helped by a a small but positive comment from a friend, the simple joy of taking a walk, or a smile from someone I didn’t know. The little things add up!


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